Our technologies to Protect the Environment

Our Advantage

How we differ from the rest

Quality First

The main goal of Alvis is to maintain and guarantee the high quality of the products.

 We produce granule successfully competes with the primary polymers. In many areas of production of polymer products our granule successfully replaces primary polymers.

10 Years on the market

Application of modern technologies

We work with professionals


We develop long-term professional partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

 We are transparent, respectful and honest in our relations with them.

We are aware of all new products

We take care of each of our clients

We take into account the wishes of partners


An integral task of our company is to increase material well-being and environmental protection. We are guided by this lofty goal in all our actions.

We are constantly developing

We constantly invest in the development of

We are constantly exploring ways to improve quality

About Us

 Alvis is a successful Ukrainian company, with a deployment in the suburbs of the city of Dnipro, founded by foreign investors in 2009. Alvis takes the leading position:
  • on the market of polymer waste processing;
  • in the market of manufacturing the final product – secondary polymer granules.
  In 2015, due to the high demand in the market, Elvis launches the second line of polymer waste processing and increases production capacity several times.

    In 2017, a levis enters the international market for the purchase and sale of products. Today we are proud to say that our partners are foreign (China, Europe) and Ukrainian companies.

Our company

       Our company specializes in the production, sale and supply of high-quality secondary polymer material to the markets of Ukraine, Europe and China in the form of high-pressure polyethylene granules, linear high-pressure polyethylene (stretch), as well as other polymer raw materials.

        Using deep knowledge in the industry, technical expertise and modern processing equipment, we can supply raw materials on a permanent basis to you, wherever you are in Ukraine, Europe, Asia.

       A solid reputation is not only in the production of material with the use of advanced technologies in the field of polymer processing, but also in our ability to deliver what you need and when you need it.

       Thanks to the timely and expert service provided by our professional team, you will be able to understand why so many companies like yours choose ALVIS to solve the most complex problems of partners.


From the first day of its existence, the company Alvis uses the technological basis to achieve the highest quality of its products Presented here accreditation are part of the evidence already achieved

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Purchasing department:
+38 067 668 07 70, +38 068 447 07 70
sales department:
+38 068 787 07 70, +38 068 445 07 70
Logistics Department: +38 067 668 07 70
Employment Department: +38 096 138 01 23
e-mail: info@alvis.com.ua
Dnipropetrovsk oblast, Dniprovskyi district, city pidhorodne, street working, 80B


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